Ephraim M. Martin

In 1993:

Ephraim Martin established the African/Caribbean International Festival of Life (IFOL) in Chicago, Illinois.


The IFOL attracts an average 50,000 patrons per year, with more than 200 exhibitors/vendors and some 70 performing acts on three stages.


The International Festival of Life- Carnival of Nations now incorporated countries of the Caribbean, Africa, South and Central America, alone with Mexico to showcase and promote their lifestyle and heritage. Jamaica and its reggae music remain the driving force. Entertainers from various African, Caribbean, Hispanic/Latin American territories play a vital role in making this IFOL Carnival of Nations live up to its objectives of “Bring nations Together” and “Living Together As One”.



"It’s said that no person alive (from the biggest Hollywood producer to the smallest or underground producer has consecutively produced 100 annual special events in total; but Ephraim Martin will change that this year and create entertainment history.


Currently with 97 once per year special events under his belt, Ephraim’s 35th Anniversary of the Chicago Music Awards and 25th International Festival of Life, July 1st thru 4th, in Chicago will be his 98 and 99; then at the conclusion of the 35th Anniversary of the International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA), October 2nd in Fort Lauderdale, Florida will be his 100th annual special event which will certainly set a world record.




In 1982, Ephraim M. Martin, founded and produced the annual Chicago Reggae Music Awards and the International Reggae Music Awards (IRMA), primarily for the promotion of Jamaican music, arts and culture. The Awards also served as a voice of expression for the voiceless peoples of the world and especially pushed for an end to Apartheid and for the freedom of Nelson Mandela. The event was first sponsored by the popular Staples Singers and the Uhuru organization in Chicago, Illinois.


The Chicago Reggae Music Awards, at the request of entertainers in various music genres before long evolved into the Annual Chicago Music Awards (CMA), which to this day is the official and only Awards event that honors all genres of music in Chicagoland, while keeping Jamaica in the forefront and pushing for patrons to visit Jamaica. The Chicago Music Awards is held in the month of January of each year, honoring those in Reggae, Pop, Gospel, Country, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Polka, Opera, Classical, Spoken word and more.


Answering to the call of people from various African countries the Caribbean and other countries, the IRMA, evolved into the International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA), with Jamaica’s reggae music, arts, culture and lifestyle as its driving force.


IRAWMA which started on May Day 1982 in Chicago went on the road in May 1987 and has promoted Jamaica and its lifestyle through the Annual International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA) events, press conferences and other media events around the world. Cities that have hosted IRAWMA in the last 30 years, in the United States and overseas include: Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, Ocho Rios, Fort Lauderdale, Montego Bay, Port of Spain, and New York.

Ephraim Martin and NBA President Benjamin Crump
Martin and Hillery Clinton2
Ephraim Martin and Rev Bernice King daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

A Pilar in the Community:



Ephraim Martin and NBA President Benjamin Crump



Ephraim Martin with Hon. Hillary R. Clinton



Ephraim Martin and Rev Bernice King : Daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King





1979- Three awards- Gold, Silver and Bronze from Jamaica Cultural Commission

1980- Award of Appreciation- Black Media Inc- USA.

1983- Award of Appreciation for Outstanding Contribution to African-America Community- Triton College

1996 -Named among Top Ten Men Who Lead in Chicago

1997- The Chicago Park District Black History Month Award for Cultural Appreciation

1998- Toussaint L’ Overture Award for Culture

2001- Named among top ten "People who Rock Chicago" by New City Weekly       

2006- Black Heritage Image Award for “Excellence in International Relations”

2006- Humanitarian Award- United Church of Christ, Paul Hall Boys & Girls Club

2007- West Indies Theatre Award for Most Outstanding Promotion of Jamaican music Culture in the United States.

2008- NBC TV Business Expo International (BXI) Travel Award for Outstanding Contributions to International Travel

2009- Consortium Award for Most Valuable Person in Entertainment- Chicago

2011- The Chutney Foundation Award for Most Outstanding Contribution to Chutney and Caribbean Music, Trinidad

2011- West Indian Dance Company Lifetime Award for Untiring Promotion of Jamaica an the West Indies music, arts and culture

2011- The St. Maarten Government and People Lifetime Award for Extra-ordinary Contribution to Reggae, Pan, Caribbean and World Music


~From 1976-Present- Scores of other awards were given and received


Ephraim Martin and

President Obama


1974 to 1981. Ephraim worked with the Daily Gleaner Newspapers (the oldest newspaper in the western hemisphere) and Daily Star Newspaper (sister afternoon paper to the Gleaner), headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica.  Ephraim, then one of the youngest media workers at the time, covered and occasionally dined with heads of Government and leaders from various countries. Among them: Queen Elizabeth, President Fidel Castro, President Jimmy Carter, President Julius Nyrere, Samara Machelle and Maurice Bishop, among others.